Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Netflix what are you trying to do?

This post is about the anime Gurren Lagann. Now I myself am not an avid anime buff. But I've enjoyed it here and there for quite a long time.

I had heard about the English dub of the series that so many "purists" were terrified of. I was happy about the news myself as I prefer the English versions of most animes.

When I was browsing the extremely limited anime section on my Netflix account. I noticed this had been added. I quickly added to my streaming Queue and quickly set about watching it.

But later on after becoming enthralled by the show I discovered a huge mistake Netflix had made. You see there's a huge plot twist at episode 7. One that I missed completely as Netflix is missing that actual episode...but has it listed as being there. In other words episode 8 is actually episode 9 with one episode appearing twice.

Unfortunately for me a major character loses their life in the episode they missed and I found out in the previews for the one after it. What a let down. Looking at the reviews of the show on Netflix only one seemed to notice, but this was months before I watched it. Apparently Netflix doesn't care to respond to such a huge error.

I'm hoping in the coming months they will fix it, as it is a great show. If you haven't seen it yet, and enjoy giant robots killing each other, and humor than probably should.

Then again, there's always watching it just for Yoko. 8D Her fan service is apparent but done typically humorously. I know some are heavily against it, but I myself don't mind it as long as it doesn't break from the character.

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