Monday, October 18, 2010

Popstar Robots Go! (Probably not what you're expecting)

Japan's Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has created a dancing and singing bipedal humanistic robot entertainer. Try saying that 3 times fast.

Jokes about pop singers and how robotic they might appear, or worse...sound aside; this really is quite an interesting invention. Especially the point in the video when the robot moves; I thought her feet were bolted down at the start.

With this trend started by the likes of Aismo continuing, it seems the Japanese are hell bent on making those Anime robot-human love affairs become a reality. Think Persocoms from the series Chobits.

I for one welcome human like robots to help me with the daily chores that suck the life out of life. Even having robots actively entertaining me educating me etc...however being that I'm a Westerner or perhaps just a young adult male I'm not sure; the second idea that pops into my head is the weaponization of such a lovely benign AI. Perhaps it was the heavy armor she wore as leggings that tipped me off to this possibility I'm not sure.

It's just a brief, friendly reminder that anything with a hand can be made to shoot a gun at some point. Also that we're one step closer as a human race to having armies of robots that will probably look like Arnold Schwarzenegger once pistol firing software is installed.

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