Sunday, December 19, 2010

X-Man time

That is the newly appointed name I've given Christmas shopping for myself. As it's becoming a superheroic performance to get gifts picked-bought in time for the festivities.

It's down to the wire and any positive feedback for ideas I try to mine from family about what they would care to receive as a thoughtful, yet resonably priced manifestation of my love receives only; "I don't knows" or "gift cards work".

Ultimately I refuse to complete this yearly patriotic task early because I'm not a people person. Perhaps that's to black and white. I'm not a stranger person. Although I do have a blog that strangers could read if it had traffic whatsoever.

Perhaps it's just the cute girls that try and hand me hot nuts with sporks as I walk by. Forcing me to make a blank stare or confused wince as I try to dart and speed past the begging children queuing up to greedily snatch the freebies; with what are surely already sticky fingers.

Or perhaps the increased risk of trample death. I can't be sure; either way it's a chore and I'm happy to find something my loveables want. Perhaps that's the true manifestation of the holiday spirit for this the Modern Age. Do you love someone enough to brave zero degree weather; to arrive at an over heated mall full of desperate approval seeking shoppers like yourself? If the answer is maybe; than you're a Christian or at least a Capitalist in sheeps clothing. You could be a Kwanzian but honestly no one knows what that religion is. You're better off joining up with us secularists and admitting you shop just for the greed of it.

Everyone wants to spend money for a bargin. However it's the free shoving and groping that keeps them coming back.

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